Why Lagree is the best thing for my body (and Meghan Markle’s too!) and it’s good for my mind as well

Why Lagree is the best thing for my body (and Meghan Markle’s too!) and it’s good for my mind as well

Some of us have read articles online about how Meghan Markle claims Lagree is the best thing you can do for your body. She claims you can see the results almost immediately and while this is probably true, my reasons for endorsing this workout as the ‘best thing you can do for your body’ are slightly different.

I don’t do Lagree for aesthetic reasons. I do it because it makes my body feel good, ie it actually works properly. Before I tried Lagree 5 years I was very strong; as in powerful, explosive strong and every exercise I did was performed with momentum. But my core stability was poor, my glutes weren’t engaging and I used the wrong muscles for most exercises! My posture wasn’t the best either. A recipe for injury 100%.

Now 5 years the list of improvements are long, including an improvement in core strength and my glutes actually switch on. Amazing! My posture and flexibility are immeasurably better and niggles, aches and pains and practically non-existent. Overall, my body feels the best it every has and I certainly didn’t think I’d be saying this heading towards the big 5-0 next year!

Lagree is also the best thing for my mind as well. It allows me to switch off during class and completely zone out (too much at times). The workout is also intense (as we know) and I actually feel that if I can get through a Lagree class then I can pretty much get through anything!

I see people everyday with poor posture, weak muscles, poor mobility, zero flexibility and want to grab them and get them on the Megaformer. It’s seriously THAT effective.

It’s consistency that makes the difference however. It will take a good 2-3 months of 3-4 classes per week for it to really make a difference and you must do it consistently on an ongoing basis. 

It doesn’t get easier – every class is tough. But it’s worth it. I don’t ever want to lose the strength, stability, flexibility, mobility through joints and mental strength I get from Lagree.