Why Lagree Fitness is Not Pilates

Why Lagree Fitness is Not Pilates


The founder of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree, first started out in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. He moved to Hollywood and was informed that if he wanted to make a real living he should teach “Pilates,” a new craze in the fitness world (centred on the contrology practices and methods of Joseph Pilates). He underwent Pilates teacher training and began teaching clients (including a-list celebrity clients) immediately. However, what he found by using the reformer with clients was that he loved the use of springs for resistance, but in order for his clients to achieve their fitness goals, he was forced to also incorporate the treadmill, stair stepper, or other fitness equipment, due to limitations with the reformer. Running his clients from reformer to treadmill, or stair stepper and back quickly became cumbersome and inconvenient. In order to continue to help clients achieve an optimal level of fitness (or look great in that bikini for their upcoming film), he was going to have to do something… But what?

Sebastien knew there had to be a way to combine the great elements of the Pilates reformer into one piece of equipment. He started by inventing a machine that was revolutionary to his “Pilates” clients… something no one had ever seen before: a machine that looked somewhat like a reformer, but had a large front platform, a large rear platform, front and rear foot bars with wider range of motion than a reformer, foot straps and handle bars all over the place, as well as a floor and carriage strap. He called this first generation machine the Proformer.

This was the very beginning of Lagree Fitness. In the early days, it was called Pilates Plus, to create a clear brand for existing and new-coming clients. As things grew and evolved, the equipment progressed (to the Megaformer, M3S and the Supraformer). Also, the workout became less and less about classical Pilates (which is great for therapeutic needs, alignment, physical therapy, or for varying exercise intensity), and more about a whole new intense, but low impact fitness method. The low impact, controlled movements of Pilates were still a major part of the workout, but now, with his patented technology and one-of-a-kind fitness method, Lagree Fitness teachers could help clients achieve all of the elements of physical fitness: Lagree Fitness classes would deliver cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility — not just in one session, but in each and every move.

This is the essence of Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer today. Everything your body needs in each and every session.

It’s really quite simple: With Lagree Fitness you’ll get:
– A cardiovascular workout
– A fat burning workout
– Slow, controlled, low impact moves that decrease stress on your joints
– An infinite number of exercises to accommodate many injuries
– Continuous muscle stimulation with balance, flexibility, and continuous core engagement
– A consistent increase in Heart Rate throughout the entire workout!

Fitness is evolving. No longer are you required to spend hours at the gym, or on the track running, cycling and beating your body to death. You’ll get a complete, full-body, workout in 45 minutes. If you come regularly – preferably 3 times per week – you’ll really start to see results in 3-4 weeks.


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