The Megaformer Challenge 2019 Final Recap

The Megaformer Challenge 2019 Final Recap

Reaping the rewards

If there was one sure thing during the Megaformer challenge it was that sore bums, aching obliques and hobbling down the stairs in the CBD studio was a daily struggle, no matter how many classes I’d clocked up.

But if you’ve sweated through all 16 classes (or more – I’m talking to the Lagree addicts out there) you’ll agree there’s a flip side to the pain which is learning to embrace all the aches and strains as a sign that we’re growing stronger, fitter and more disciplined.

In keeping with the spirit of the Challenge, May was all about self-improvement for me whether it be physical or feeding my body with nutritious and soothing foods, becoming more organised and also more conscious of how I’m feeling both inside and out.

Four weeks ago, I set myself the goal that I would be present and focused on the now during class, this meant savouring every crunch and pulse while I relied on my breathing to push through the burn. Until then my head and breathing was all over the place, when the burn got too much I struggled to focus and draw on my mental strength to get through.

I was already quite fit going into the Challenge but my biggest setback was my mind. I struggled to push past my realm of comfort and hold the progressions, add an extra spring or not drop a plank for the last 30 seconds of class.

I would always hit a mental barrier and ask what’s stopping me from taking rest? Why should I go one, two or even three steps further when I’m shaking and in a world of pain? Is this exercise business even worth it?

Now, thanks to the encouragement of the coaches and my own determination I’ve come leaps and bounds in overhauling that mindset to one that’s more disciplined and determined. I’m amazed by what our bodies can achieve when we push past our sweet spot and after all, 45 minutes of movement is very little in the grand scheme of how we spend our day.

Every time I woke up early, clocked in a class after a tough day at work or avoided sugary snacks in favour or something more nutritious I took one step further to creating healthy and sustainable habits.

Coming out the other end I’ve begun to reap the rewards: I’m waking earlier without an alarm clock, my diet and snacking habits have improved tenfold and I’m present in and out of class instead of scatterbrained and stressed.

While the classes aren’t getting any easier I’ve come to realise that discomfort is where we grow and realise the incredible strength and movement that our bodies are capable of. There really is something to say in trusting the process.

My arms, legs, stomach and every in between shake and burn every time I get on the Megaformer but the challenge has shown me this is testament to hard work paying off.

There’s no feeling of accomplishment quite like pushing past that sweeting spot and holding a progression, taking that squat extra slow or army crawling your way past the end of class rather than throwing in the towel and going home to that big packet of crisps. 

What am I going to do now that the Challenge is over?  

To put it simply I’m going to keep waking up, turning up and pushing past what I think I’m capable of.

My why is very different to what is was at the beginning of May. In the last four week I’ve trained more than I used to both on and off the Megaformer and have turned around my sugary 3pm snacking habits. I know how good and strong I can feel so now it’s about continuing to honour and fuel my body with nourishing, healthy foods which will help ramp up my training and fitness.