Safe Studio Plan

Welcome Back! Everything you need to know

In line with the government guidelines we’ll be re-opening our doors on the 22nd June 2020. We want everyone to be confident that K-Kore is committed to the highest standards of health and safety for our members and trainers.

Government regulations state that class sizes will be limited to 10 + max 2 instructors. Luckily, this does not effect our class sizes, however you’ll notice some changes when you get back into the studio and each one of them designed to keep you, your trainer and fellow K-Kore clients safe.

If you do feel unwell please do not attend class.

EXTRA CLEANING/SANITISING: K-Kore has always been very committed to a clean and safe studio and we will now implement further procedures to ensure you all feel comfortable during class. We’ve allowed a minimum of 15 minutes between classes to ensure there’s enough time for cleaning and we’ll still ask you to clean down your machines after class. Please note:

  • The studio will be closed for 10 minutes in between classes, allowing for a full sanitise and disinfect of the studio space. This includes all equipment and studio surfaces.
  • Studio doors open 5 minutes prior to class. We ask you to enter and exit the studio quickly. If you arrive early, please wait outside the studio and adhere to physical distancing.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE STUDIO: Upon arrival at the studio, we will ask you to use hand sanitising station which will be located on the stairs. You will be able to use the toilet facilities in the reception area, however at this time use of the showers will not be permitted. Please bring your own towel and water bottle to class as the water fountain will not be available until further notice. No cash payments will be accepted.

DURING CLASS: We will be reconfiguring our machines to ensure there is 1.5m physical distancing at all times during class. Grip socks are required in each class. No exceptions. These can be purchased in studio for $15. Our trainers will use only verbal cues and corrections in class during this time and will not be moving in between machines. There will be no sharing of equipment.

AFTER CLASS: After class, we ask you please leave the studios as swiftly as possible. If you do need to leave class early then please notify the trainer prior to class commencing.

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Your Questions Answered

What are the hours of operation on re-opening?

Please check our schedule online at https://kkore.com.au/timetable/


Who can book a class?

Anyone with a current membership or valid class pack can book a class. We will not be accepting walk-ins until further notice.


New Client Policy

We will be accepting new clients to the studio 100%! Anyone who signs up for a New Client Offer will be sent a video explaining the machine/workout prior to their first class. We kindly ask that all new clients arrive 5 minutes prior to the class commencing and we will not accept new clients if they arrive late to class.


Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

The Health Department recommends the use of face masks while at the gym but does not encourage wearing a mask while working out. If you want to wear a mask, please wear one on arrival and upon leaving the studio, but not during a class.


What are your physical distancing guidelines while in the studio?

We are asking all members to maintain a 1.5m distance between themselves and others in the studio. K-Kore has implemented procedures to help ensure these distancing guidelines are respected and staff will be required to monitor and enforce these rules.


What else is K-Kore doing to keep the studios clean?

K-Kore is requesting that all members disinfect equipment before use and is providing sanitising wipes, spray and hand sanitiser. We will have K-Kore staff cleaning all areas of the studio throughout every day and doing a deep clean at the end of every shift.