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After spending 15 years in various corporate recruitment and HR roles in Melbourne, Kylie Archer moved to Hong Kong and discovered this crazy thing called Lagree Fitness and became immediately addicted. It was everything she loved; effective, intense and exhilarating all at once.

While remaining a Lagree devotee over the next two years I also started to look ahead, thinking how would I get my Lagree ‘fix’ upon returning to Melbourne. Realising there was no studio in my hometown offering Megaformer classes, the K-Kore vision began.

I am truly passionate about this method of training; it’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s challenging but at the same time suitable for all levels of fitness. I hope you will love it as much as I do.


The K-KORE team are madly passionate about the Lagree method and aim to transform you in 45 minutes.


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

A Canadian native, Timea found herself in Melbourne 2 years ago and has quickly cemented herself into the Melbourne fitness scene. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Timea brings some sweet Canadian charm and wit into her classes; she delivers a killer class! When she’s not torturing us on the Megaformer, Timea teaches ride and HIIT classes at studios across Melbourne.

Favorite Lagree exercise: Bear

Instagram: @timmeea


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Holly was a huge Lagree fan already by the time she joined K-Kore. While visiting her sister in London, Holly discovered the Lagree Method of training and hasn’t looked back since. Drawing on her extensive training in Clinical Pilates, Holly focuses on form and alignment while still giving clients a killer workout! Away from K-Kore, Holly spends time with her gorgeous French Bulldog, Ned and teaches millions of cycles classes!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Kneeling Inner Thigh

Instagram: @holasker


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

A mother of two boys, Tracey approaches teaching her classes at K-Kore with the same attitude she applies to life. Go hard and give 100%. Always. Tracey is a seasoned Pilates Trainer, well known within Melbourne’s fitness community and very much respected by her many loyal clients. Tracey has truly embraced the opportunity to work at K-Kore and has fallen in love with the Lagree Method of training.

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Curtsey Lunge

Instagram: @traceylgreen


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Tess comes  to us with a background in dance and theatre, most recently performing in “Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies” by the Australian Shakespeare Company. An experienced Barre trainer, Tess discovered Lagree Fitness late in 2017 and immediately aspired to teach the method to clients. Tess brings her sweet personality and enthusiasm to every class, but don’t be fooled, Tess will push you to the next level!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Sexy Back

Instagram: @tessbranchy


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Ella is a fourth year chiropractic degree student who is not only an incredible trainer but has a passion for photography and all things art!  Her chiropractic background makes her incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to your body.  She loves seeing clients reaching their personal goals, achieving things they never knew they could and seeing their bodies change using the Lagree Method.  She is sweet but tough!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Super Crunch

Instagram: @ellalouisesmith_


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Caitlin has been active her whole life, growing up as a swimmer, then ditching the water for the snow in her teens.  She has worked in the fitness industry for the last three years.  Caitlin is currently a chiropractic student with a passion to give you an energetic, tough class. Expect some great tunes and high energy when you take a class with Caitlin!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Catfish

Instagram: @chpetley


Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Peta has a passion for fitness and exercise and has been in the fitness industry for a couple of years.  She works full time in the corporate world so she really values the time she gets to spend with clients whilst teaching.  Peta is not only a qualified Lagree Instructor but she is also a qualified Pilates instructor- you can rest assured that proper form and technique is a priority for Peta.  Her sweet nature and positive attitude mixed with a killer workout is what makes her classes so special!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Bungee Kick

Instagram: @_peta_louise


Lagree Fitness Trainer

Greta is our newest K-Kore trainer. First visiting K-Kore as a client in mid-2017 and immediately falling in love with Lagree, Greta joined the K-Kore team shortly after. When she’s not teaching Lagree in our CBD studio, you’ll find Greta hitting the books as part of her Osteopathy Degree or teaching Pilates. With her positive attitude and happy, friendly personality, you’ll be motivated all the way through Greta’s classes!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Spider Kick

Instagram: @gretachwasta


Studio Owner / Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer

Certified Lagree addict and studio owner, Kylie discovered Lagree Fitness in 2014 and has been obsessed with the method every since! Kylie loves any exercise where the springs can be loaded for maximum tension!

Favourite Lagree Exercise: Super Lunge

Instagram: @kylie_kkore