New to K-Kore?

It’s your first time at K-Kore and your first time training using the Megaformer?

Let’s work to together to give you an amazing experience!

Arrive 10 minutes before class so we can show you the studio and get you comfortable on the Megaformer. Tell your trainer about any restrictions or injuries you have so they can give you the necessary modifications during class. Remember, Lagree Fitness is for all ages, all body types, all levels of fitness and all athletic abilities. If you arrive late for your first class you may not be able to join.

Dress for success!

Grip socks are required during class. No exceptions! Socks are available for purchase in the studio for $15. Wear your regular gym gear and bring a towel as you may sweat a little.

Get familiar with the science behind the Lagree Fitness method

Now you’re ready to BURN IT. SHAKE IT. LOVE IT!

Purchase your New Client Offer – $59

This offer is only available to new K-Kore clients who have not attended any of our classes before. This offer will activate from the date of your first visit and needs to be used within 7 days of that date.

Book your first class here

If you need to change your booking time, please do so within our cancellation period of 12 hours, otherwise you will lose your class credit.