Week 3 – Pushing past discomfort

This week I’ve been feeling absolutely EVERYTHING, both on and off the Megaformer.

Stress levels have been high, my new healthy eating regime hasn’t been so healthy and I was exhausted and on the verge of the flu. A week overseas meant I had some serious catching up to do in the studio to stay on track when all I wanted to do was sleep. Oh and I was extremely emotional for absolutely no reason at all – thanks hormones!

To top it off I was about to face my biggest challenge yet – on the weekend I would head down the coast to run the Great Ocean Road 23km half marathon with work colleagues. I’m not a runner by any means and I’d never run more than 12km in my life and that was a week ago when I absolutely had to during training! I was way out of my comfort zone.

But this challenge is all about pushing past the discomfort so I booked myself in for four K-Kore sessions to ease back into it and help strengthen my legs before race day.

My first class back was uncomfortable; my transitions were clunky, my abs and obliques burned like nothing else and I was constantly having to mentally refocus to concentrate on the present move, activating the right muscles and breathing with each movement.

The next day my muscles shook like crazy and I panted my way through class before hobbling down the stairs thanks to Tracey Green. To be honest I wasn’t much better the next day but I was slowly getting back into a routine and feeling myself adjusting to the Megaformer once again.

By the end of the week 45 minutes didn’t feel like three hours and my mind wasn’t flying off in five different random directions during class. By regularly checking in I was present, centered and really starting to believe that thing everyone says about discomfort leading to growth – both physically and mentally.

Every time I woke up and turned up I felt like I was starting my day the right way and training both my body and mind to be stronger and more determined. It felt good, maybe even better than throwing in the towel and going home to eat a bag of chips in bed. 

Before I knew it, D-Day was here, or as my colleagues keenly referred to it: race day. I’ve always hated running so just making it across the finish line was going to be a major accomplishment. I was nervous and wildly unprepared; my training consisted mainly of K-Kore with a couple of runs thrown in the month beforehand. 

But as this week proved, determination and embracing our discomfort can have surprising results. I crossed the finish line at Apollo Bay in a time I never thought possible and felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement that I never had before.

If anything the week proved we really are capable of tackling even the biggest of challenges with the right attitude. I have no doubt regular K-Kore classes over the last few months helped build my endurance. I’ll be aching for a few days still but am ready to jump back into the challenge – even if it means pushing through a few dirty doubles to finish all 16 classes before May’s end!