Each week during the Megaformer Challenge K-Kore client Ashley, journalist in her day job, will be recapping her fitness journey. Read on…

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bad track record when it comes to bailing on exercise when work gets busy or life gets in the way. Sport has been a big part of my life since my teenage years which were spent running around soccer fields and basketball courts. Exercise has always been an outlet in which I can disconnect from whatever is going on around me, reconnect with my body and push myself beyond my known limits.
After school finished I joined the gym and touch footy club but in the last six months I’ve moved to a new city and started a new job and have had to find a new exercise regime I actually wanted to show up for and could commit to around work hours which was more difficult than it sounds!

I was first introduced to Lagree during K-Kore’s February challenge and I fell in love. The classes were challenging and offered a chance to constantly advance. The trainers were encouraging and empowering which made me want to show up and push myself through every reverse crunch, every lunge and every push up even though it burned like hell in ways I’d never experienced before! 

Fast forward a couple of months and that burn has become part of my weekly routine. Except I felt like I’m skipping out on what I love most about exercise which is the chance to disconnect from everything around me and reconnect with my body and what it can achieve. I was starting to compromise a solid fitness routine for long work hours or drinks with friends and when I do show up for class I feel as though I’m speeding through the motions instead of savouring each breath and each slow burn.

Enter the Megaformer Global Challenge!

I knew I needed a solid goal if I was to recommit and get myself back into a regular training program which pushed me both physically and mentally… So with that in mind I’ve set a specific goal:

I will be present during each and every class of the challenge by improving my breathing technique to work with the push and resistances of each exercise. 
I will push my body through every session to not accept taking the easy route. Our bodies can be pushed further than we think – I know I can take each and every advancement if I learn to push through the mental barriers!

In the first week of the challenge I’ve knocked over three classes and a hectic work schedule. But the most important part is I’m constantly bringing myself back to the present moment, the present burn or the present mega crunch to focus on the now and how good that burn feels.