Each week K-Kore client Ashley, journalist in her day job, will be recapping her fitness journey throughout The Megaformer Challenge. This week she focuses on how to stay healthy while travelling without sacrificing the experience

This week I was faced with a slight hiccup in my plans of a fitter, healthier and more focused me: I swapped Lagree and Melbourne’s winter chill for warmer shores where local beer is cheaper than water and there’s mouth-watering food aplenty. 

I’d found last-minute cheap flights to Bali and couldn’t pass up the chance to ditch the down jacket for a few days and soak up those sweet sweet rays of Vitamin D.  

What’s so bad about that you ask?

Quite frankly very little, but in the spirit of the Megaformer challenge I was determined to take back control of my snacking habits (let’s be honest, who doesn’t get carried away when it comes to the office vending machine?!), find a balance in my diet and nourish my body with wholesome foods which will leave me feeling good inside and out. All-inclusive breakfasts, fluffy pancakes, juicy burgers and Bintangs in Bali aren’t exactly what I had in mind so this was going to be a major test of my willpower and resolve. 

Holidays are great for our wellbeing as they can offer the rare chance to unwind, take it slow and catch up on those precious hours of sleep I’m all too guilty to sacrificing during the working week. But they can also throw out our natural rhythm, diet and wreak havoc on our bodies.

I’m a sucker for falling into the “it doesn’t count, I don’t need to exercise because I’m on holiday” mentality while shoving a packet of chicken nuggets into my mouth at the airport McDonald’s, snacking waaay too much because all the food is just too delicious to pass up or having a big night on the booze because why not?

With that in mind I decided to treat my time away as a wellness week. Luckily, as famed as Bali is for its nightlife, it also has a blooming wellness scene with nourishing smoothie bowls and yoga classes aplenty.

Here’s how I tackled it:

1.    Plan what you’ll eat during the journey there and back. Airline and airport food is anything but nutritious so I took a handful of nuts, dried fruit and Bounce Balls – they’re a great source of protein with no added sugar. I packed them in a tuppaware box to eat on the flight and ta da, cravings solved!

2.    Drink plenty of water. Bali is hot, very hot and the air-conditioning on flights and in hotel rooms can really dehydrate your body so I upped the daily intake to 3 litres

3.    Eat a healthy breakfast: I was amazed by the variety of colourful fruits and vegetables on offer for breakfast! Where I could I opted for a big omelette and fruit, for lunch I was spoilt for choice when it came to smoothie and poke bowls, both of which were amazingly fresh and probably even healthier options than I would choose back in Melbourne!

4.    Walk (or run): there’s no better way than exploring a new city than on foot. Take the time to walk around or put on your running shoes to get lost, experience the sights and smell all the (at times interesting) smells!

5.    Try yoga classes: while Lagree really gets those shakes going, yoga calms the body and mind. Bali is a haven for yogis and there’s no shortage of zen places so that’s exactly where I headed. Daily doses of Hatha were a welcome reprieve from a busy work life in Melbourne and have left me refreshed and ready to jump back into the Megaformer Challenge!


Ashley Wick is a journalist and Producer for Nine Network’s A Current Affair