Megaformer Challenge 2019 Rules

Megaformer Challenge 2019 General Terms & Conditions

Please refer to Megaformer Challenge 2019 for all general information.

For all challengers

All challengers are bound by the following general rules from Lagree Fitness.

Participants must take at least 2 sessions a week at a licensed Lagree Fitness studio.

Megaformer Challengers must complete the entire 31 days.

Winners of the global competition will be determined by vote from the Lagree Fitness community.

For contestants wishing to enter the K-Kore local competition:

Participants must purchase the K-Kore Megaformer Challenge pack (or Member add-on pack) to enter the local competition.

Once enrolled, challengers must complete a questionnaire sent via email and complete a pre-challenge scan and post-challenge scan (in lieu of this must take measurements as per instructed).

The K-Kore local prizes will be determined as follows:
1st prize Port Melbourne and CBD studios: by the challengers with the greatest percentage loss in the 3 measurement areas (upper thigh, waist & bicep). Percentage changes only must be submitted to info@kkore.com.au by 6 May 2019.
Community Prize winner will be determined by K-Kore, being for the challenger who completes all 16 classes, shows commitment to the challenge throughout and posts about their experience on social media during the challenge.

For challengers entering themselves for free to the global competition:

Please refer to the Lagree Fitness website for more information on registration periods, rules and to enter.

For all challengers

Contestants must submit their own details, measurements and photos and enter themselves via the Lagree Fitness website.