May’s journey to getting strong

May’s journey to getting strong

  1. Our K-Kore client May wants to get physically stronger and healthier so she set herself a goal of completing 20 Megaformer classes in 30 days. May shared an update of each week of her journey:


  • Cannot complete the last 20 minutes of class
  • Weak core; unable to do any oblique exercise, including side plank and side crunches
  • Super weak upper body; unable to do most upper body exercise even with the minimum weight 
  • Leg exercise is relatively easy; able to do most squats and lunges exercise with the pole; still found other leg workout challenging such as donkey kick, spider kick and bungee kick 


  • Able to complete the entire class but still couldn’t fully complete some exercises, causing me to fall
  • Still weak in the core; started to pick up some oblique exercise (fall every 10-15s). Able to do lower-level core exercise on the front platform such as catfish, twister and kneeling crunch.  
  • Can do most leg exercise besides bungee kick, scramble egg and frog kick 
  • Still weak in the upper body; can do some tricep exercise but found shoulder workout very challenging (sexy back)
  • Takes a while to transit between each exercise, but much better than the first week  
  • Physically: No more body aching after exercise; notice my body is more toned with obvious muscle build around my legs
  • Mentally: Feel more awake during the day; more motivated to do exercise as well as my other daily activities
  • Journey: I found myself enjoy exercise much more. I changed my view of exercising – “Even a physically weak person like me can exercise”. 

WEEK 3 – gaining more confidence

  • Completed the whole class with just a couple of drops
  • Stronger core; able to last longer in oblique exercise (30s plus). 
  • Can do lunge exercise perfectly in slow motion; still found bungee kick, scramble egg and frog kick to be very challenging
  • Stronger upper body, able to finish most arm exercises with minimum weight; however, shoulders have yet to improve
  • Able to transition smoothly between each exercise
  • Physically: Besides legs muscle, my belly is flatter with a little muscle around my abs 
  • Mentally: I have also been insecure about my body, but I feel more confident about my appearance now. 
  • Journey: In the past, I’ve always skipped meals to keep a ‘fit body’. Through this challenge, I realise the importance of exercising towards my body. The Lagree method helps me build the ideal toned body shape that I have wished for. 

WEEK 4 – just the start of my megaformer journey

  • Completed a class without dropping
  • Able to do side plank and side crunches on my knee for 60 seconds 
  • Can perfectly do most leg exercises in slow motion. However, I have yet to improve my form on bungee kick, scramble egg and frog kick. Starting to challenge myself to do leg exercises on the back platform. 
  • Able to do most arm and shoulder exercises
  • Physically: Never been so fit in my whole life. Noticeable muscles gains on my legs and arms, with a much flatter stomach. My physical stamina also gone up, and I feel more energetic during the day. 
  • Journey: Although this is the end of the challenge, it is only the start of my Megaformer journey. I found myself enjoying this workout method and feel accomplished after each class. This challenge helped me become more confident in myself while allowing me to become physical my stronger.