Maintain your fitness routine this Winter

Maintain your fitness routine this Winter

You’re not the only one struggling to make your classes right now! If your having trouble maintaining the routine you managed to perfect during the Summer months then you’re not alone. Getting yourself out of bed while it’s cold and dark can be tough – it’s much easier to hit snooze and cancel yourself out of that class. Even exercising after work can be tricky when it’s dark – all you want to do it head home and rug up!

Maintaining your fitness routine over Winter IS important. It’s all about consistency throughout the year so here are some tips to take you through the colder months:

Look the part

Investing in some new workout gear can really help with your motivation.  Buying some new, bright active wear will make you want to jump out of bed and onto the Megaformer! Check out Tully Lou’s new range, “Tokyo Nights” here. Tully is a Lagree devotee herself and frequents K-Kore in Melbourne and Lagree Fitness Studio in West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Buddy up

Agreeing to exercise with a friend gives you an incentive (other than exercise) to do something active. Motivating yourself through these dark months can be tough, so think about buddying up with a friend. It will help change your perspective of working out to something a little more enjoyable and sociable. It’s also much more difficult to cancel on a friend than to just decide not to go yourself.

Remind yourself why it’s important

In those moments when you have to climb out of a warm, cosy bed and head into the cold, it can be difficult to remember how great you will feel afterwards. Exercising on those dark cold days will actually help boost your body’s ‘feel good’ endorphins to help blast away those winter blues.