Lagree Fitness and Flexibility

Lagree Fitness and Flexibility

The Five Key Elements of Fitness: Flexibility

In this post we start to explore the science behind Lagree by looking at one of the five key elements of fitness – flexibility – and why the Lagree method is super effective at improving this. It’s an understatement to say that flexibility is something most of us need help with, especially as we age.

What is Flexbility?

To put it simply, flexibility is the range of motion around a joint.

Why is Flexibility Important?

Good flexibility in the joints can improve posture and alignment as well as help prevent injuries through all stages of life. If you want to improve your flexibility, your must perform activities that lengthen the muscles.

Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease. To get out of bed, get something from a cupboard or sweep the floor, we need flexibility. Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age, often due to a sedentary lifestyle. Without adequate flexibility, daily activities become more difficult to perform. Over time, we create body movements and posture habits that can lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions. Staying active and stretching regularly help prevent this loss of mobility, which ensures independence as we age. Being flexible significantly reduces the chance of experiencing occasional and chronic back pain.

Given the above, it’s of great importance to include flexibility training as part of your fitness routine.

How does Lagree improve your flexibility?

It is common knowledge that performing an exercise through full range of motion with reap major flexibility benefits. When training using the Lagree Method, the Megaformer is designed to constantly stretch the body and work to ensure the muscles lengthen during the exercises.

Through consistent motion at full range on the Megaformer, the body starts to expand its flexibility and allows for full use of muscles for long periods of time, even when the body is pushed beyond traditional positions and range of motion.

Many of the success stories reported by Lagree include a huge improvement in flexibility and mobility. Check out our timetable to try it out for yourself.