Client Testimonial: Lesley – Shaping up for a Significant Birthday!

Client Testimonial: Lesley – Shaping up for a Significant Birthday!

Our First Client Testimonial – Lesley!

For our very first client testimonial, we chat to our wonderful client, Lesley, about her Lagree Fitness journey so far. Lesley booked in for her first MegaKore class during K-Kore’s opening week and, quite frankly, looked terrified before the class! After much reassurance, Lesley seemed a little more at ease and gave her first class a red hot go…and even came back for more the next day. Since then Lesley has been super committed, coming to class four times per week without fail.

What was your motivation to try K-Kore by Lagree Fitness?

I undertook a personal challenge to get fit and leaner as a significant birthday is approaching fast!.

Did you have any concerns before coming to class?

When I first started I was initially concerned about injuring myself, as I had an old neck and shoulder injury from the gym. However, the classes are 100% non-impact and I feel 100% safe during class.

What have you noticed so far?

It is now a few weeks into my regime and the changes to my cardio fitness has greatly improved and my body shape is changing , as my shape is firmer and I am getting much stronger ! I have more energy and although the classes are challenging , I work to my own pace and adapt to my limits , supervised and encouraged by the instructors.

What do you like about it?

You always leave the class feeling well worked out and a

great sense of achievement. I love that it’s for 45 mins and the results are amazing to date! Being a little more mature and unfit , I have really enjoyed the improvement and fast results and most importantly no injuries! I am looking forward to continuing with Lagree and reaching my goal!

We’re confident that Lesley will look absolutely amazing at her birthday celebration in August!

If you’re looking for a low-impact method of training which will increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance, then give Lagree Fitness a try! Email info@kkore.com for more information or book your class using the Intro Pass Offer.