Client Testimonial from Julian…

Client Testimonial from Julian…

With our BRO Month coming to an end on 31st October, who better to feature as our next transformation client than Julian Clark who is a regular fixture in our 7.05am classes.


Here’s Julian’s story:


On February 6 this year Julian got fed up with being overweight and started a daily Pilates reformer exercise regime, attending classes at least 5 days per week. On February 22 Julian had the first of 4 DEXA scans, and shortly afterward his friend Collin taunted me about my weight. Julian then threw down a challenge that he would lose enough weight to put him in the healthy zone (according to the DEXA), before Collin completed the probation period of his next job.


Julian had little interest in changing his diet, not wanting to become an enjoyment sapping salad muncher; so he then thought of methods to achieve better results sooner. Once he decided to up the anti, Julian thought he’d give the Lagree Fitness method a go. On June 29 he attended his first class at K-Kore; he found the Megaformer challenging, but not impossible. He has then attended on average 5 classes per week.


As you can see from Julian’s DEXA scan results below, he has lost a total of 11.72% body fat since starting classes at K-Kore in June. The results speak for themselves and if you want to take that step towards and longer, leaner body then purchase the Intro Pass online here.