One Month Unlimited Classes for the Bro’s: November 2018

Is Lagree a good workout for guys? You bet and here are the reasons why guys should join a K-Kore class:


Lagree Fitness was developed by fitness guru, Sebastien Lagree who is a former personal trainer and body builder and a former Pilates instructor himself (as well as personal trainer to many Hollywood celebrities). He developed Lagree Fitness as next level Pilates, to pick up where Pilates fell short. Which is why Lagree is often called “Pilates on steroids.” Sebastien also recognised the shortfalls of workouts that are popular with me; weight lifting, cross fit, boot camps etc and took this into account when created Lagree and the Megaformer.


K-Kore has a number of male clients and they have described it as “the hardest workout they’ve ever done”!


Don’t believe us? Pay $99 and get a month unlimited. Just enough time to get hooked! Special offer valid during the month of November.